I returned my coffee maker and was told I would also be refunded for my last coffee order since I wasn't satisfied with product. I was told by more than 1 employee that the refund for my coffee order would be processed when the coffee maker was refunded.

After of a month of phone calls trying to figure out why the coffee maker hadn't beened processed yet, they finally informed me that it could take up to 3 months, then the coffee maker AND the coffee refund would post. Well, 3 months later, no refunds posted so I call back to find out that yes, they refunded the coffee maker WHILE i was on the phone with them, but since it was more than 45 days they couldn't refund the coffee. THe lack of knowledge from the employees cost me $70. They should have refunded the coffee when I initially called.

I spoke with 4 different people who could see how much contact I had in that first month and still say there is nothing they can do. The "system" won't let them process the refund.

I would not have sent my coffee maker back otherwise. I would have used the coffee I bought first, now I have $70 of discs that I can't use.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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